Opening Statements

So the question is why blog? My answer, I dunno, why not? I’ve got thoughts pinging around my head that need to get out or else my wife will end up on some antipsychotics from listening to my ramblings. I want to express my thoughts, even if no one ever reads them. I’m gonna do this for me, not you, if you are out there reading this, and thanks if you are by the way. If you aren’t then I don’t know why I wrote this sentence, but it’s about me.  I tend to be long-winded and get on rants; either that or I hold my tongue which pains me. So here I am left to this creative outlet, blogging.

People are stupid. Maybe not everyone and maybe stupid is a bad adjective, a better one would suffice. How about gullible, that works better. If someone is talented enough in oration or writing they can snare numerous people in their trap. Don’t believe that? Why are infomercials successful? Why do bad leaders continually get elected? How do preachers make their living? Have you seen some of the book on the best sellers? Why do conspiracy theories pop up for almost every major event? Why do 85% of people believe a lie if it has a statistic in it? People are gullible. Critical thinking is lacking. Why? This infuriates me!

We have some real problems as a society. Global warming, financial crisis looming, crazy religious people willing to die for their cause, these are problems we have to confront. This is next to impossible when a sizeable portion of the population doesn’t even admit there is a problem! Or even if they admit there is one, chalk it up to some sort of divine plan, whistle it away and say it’s a mystery. I want to rip my hair out!!

Not a good feeling....

Not a good feeling….

I’ll be honest, I haven’t always thought this way. I used to think some of the same things and same ways I’ve talked about above. Confirmation bias is a tempting mistress; it’s great to be right all the time. Sprinkle in a little ad hominem and you’ve got a great shit pie. I started looking at what I believe and why I believe. When I couldn’t rational justify my positions, I had to look around. This is a scary feeling. I compare it to Wile E. Coyote running off the ledge, unaware he is in mid-air, until he looks down. Then what happens…straight down to the bottom. The feeling of floating of having nothing to tether one self is awkward. Slowly and continually I came to realize I was never in mid-air, in fact I had become more grounded than I was before. I no longer had my head in the clouds or in the ground, whatever analogy you prefer. I had built my beliefs on a false bottom and once I started to realize this, it quickly crumbled away.

I’ll admit I had help in this way of thinking. If it wasn’t talking to co workers and colleagues then it was devouring podcasts and other blogs. It all made so much more sense, seeing the world this way.

This is what I want for others, maybe it’s a pipe dream but I’m going to try anyway. So this is my goal with this blog, that and to give myself an avenue to fully vet my thoughts without driving my loving wife crazy!!

I welcome any and all comments, I do not claim to be 100% correct on all my statements, obviously I will try to scrutinize everything fully before posting but if I miss something, I welcome corrections.


One thought on “Opening Statements

  1. I know you love a good challenge. So I got one for you!!!! Why dont you ask some of our friends and family about their definition of a miracle. Just listen to them. Find out if they have ever encountered a miracle. Be open minded and ask 6 people. Gather your research from them and then post on it!!! I think it would be a very interesting read 🙂

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